Traditional Text...

...with a TWIST

The TESTivity Virtual Hawaii Insurance Licensing Text Book is an integral part of the Virtual Learning Experience. It has the look and feel of a traditional Insurance License Study Text Book, but it is online...You turn each page with the click of a mouse! 

Online Hawaii Insurance Exam Audio Text Book

 You can read it, let your Virtual Instructor read it to you, or you can read and listen simultaneously.

Hearing something improves your ability to retain it exponentially! Think of how many songs you know the lyrics to....

Did you ever try to remember those lyrics?

Probably not.

 If you hear something several times (like a song on the radio) you will just know it.

 The TESTivity Hawaii Insurance Pre-license Virtual Learning Experience will push the information to you from countless angles and reinforce it with many different delivery methods.

By the time we are done with you... will just know it!

Hawaii Insurance License Exam Audio Textbook

 Constant, consistent exposure to the testable Hawaii insurance exam content in our concise, yet robust format enables our learners to retain the required knowledge effortlessly.

The TESTivity Hawaii Insurance Exam Virtual Text Book covers EVERYTHING that will be on the Hawaii Licensing exam and ONLY what is on the Hawaii Licensing Exam. This Virtual Text Book will not teach you to do your job, or become a financial adviser...or solve world hunger. It is 100% Hawaii insurance exam test prep material.

 Please be patient.  Depending on your connection speed, the Virtual Text Book sample can take a minute to load.  Best viewed with Google Chrome.

Virtual Text Book
Virtual Learning Experience--Includes EVERYTHING!

The Hawaii Insurance License Virtual Learning Experience is AMAZING!

Please take a minute to experience the Sample Virtual Text Book above...You will agree, TESTivity is the ABSOLUTE best way to prepare for your Hawaii insurance licensing exam. 

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